Friday, January 11, 2019

New OSR Products at DTRPG — January 10th, 2019

Was trying to do two reviews this week (Sepulcher of the Burning King and Mythic Fantasy), but that meant neither one was finished. Oh well.


GW6 Alpha Factor -  3rd edition Gamma World Adventure (uses seemingly a hybrid of old GW and Marvel SuperHeroes) about a mysterious place named Mindkeep. 60 pages, $4.99

GW7 Beta Principle -  See above. Seems like it involves vampires. 46 pages, $4.99

Polyhedron Issues 12, 13, and 14 - 99 cents each.


Lost Puppies in the Ogre Forest -  PWYW short hex crawl for kids.

Ruins & Adventures 1: The Welcome Repose Inn - Like a fantasy version of staying at a Motel 6. 8 pages, $1.50

Tumbleweed Tales Volume 1 -  Three short adventures for the Tall Tales BX RPG (see below). 21 pages, $1.99


Class Catalog for BX Essentials -  "Aasimar, Dragonborn, Dwarven Priest, Dwarven Thief, Elven Rogue, Gnome, Halfling Burglar, Half-Orc, Pixie, and Tiefling Classes to your B/X esssentials game". 24 pages, $3.99

Dark Places & Demogorons Core Bundle - $14.95 for the main books plus supplements. Actually quite a decent game if you want to do 80s teens investigate the supernatural thing.

Magic Mood Rings - I remember those. Somehow while astrology has come back in a big way, these haven't. PWYW

RPPP Medieval Authentic Glamour Magick - I think that actually involved rolling in dung, but this seems to be more about illusions and such. 10 pages, $2.99

Tall Tales BX Wild West -  This is either the 3rd or 4th Wild West game based on BX (Westwater is the one that comes to mind, there's one other, plus that mutant wild west game plus Engines & Empires). $7.99 and 96 pages.

Tall Tales New Classes - Because when I buy a new RPG that just came out, I immediately want the stuff that wasn't included for some reason. PWYW at least.


Friday Enhanced Map 1-11-2019 - Looks like an underground temple. $1

Gregorias Notes on the Weird OSR Fantasy Year 2018 - Random stuff for LotFP. $3, 27 pages.

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