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New OSR Products at DTRPG — January 17th, 2018

PaceSetter Games & Simulations uploaded a ton of their modules this week. So this is long. Very long. It's amazing he could write all those adventures and not finish that Acaeum Kickstarter.


B0.5 Secrets of the Unknown -  Unofficial add-on for the classic Basic module B1. PWYW

B1 Legacy of the Unknown - This is an unofficial sequel to the classic Basic module B1 (and seemingly for 1e, though the original B1 was for Holmes...) $5, 72 pages

B2.5 Blizzard on the Borderland - Unofficial add on to the classic Basic module B2. $1 and 16 pages.

C0.5 Ghosts of the Hidden Shrine -  Unofficial add-on for the classic 1e module C1. PWYW

C1 The Circle of Fire -  Fire ants are swarming and the PCs must escape somehow or other, and despite being 4th to 6th level, they can't fly over them. $4, 44 pages.

D5 The Darkest Pit - Some demons are imprisoned in a silver mine and the PCs (7th to 9th) just kill them. Apparently only one level of the dungeon. PWYW

DB1 The Frozen Star - Seems like a cross between The Terminator and Dragonlance. The PCs must travel back in time to get a weapon to use against dragons.  $4, 28 pages.

H1 Six Feet Under -  1e mid level module involving looting a tomb complex. 16 pages, $3

H2 The Witch of Monte Rosa - Module for 1st level characters about a visiting necromancer. 20 pages, $3

I1 Grave of the Green Flame -  Solo 1e module, includes extra rules for solo play. 52 pages, $4

I2 Beyond the Black Wall - Sequel to the above and seems to continue the story.  $4, 48 pages

I3 Ruins of the Red Moon - Apparently not a sequel to the first Is, but still a solo adventure about exploring ruins in a mountain.  $4, 44 pages.

L1 Storm of Tears - Highish level (8th to 11th) module about who will stop the rain. 36 pages, $4.

N0.5 Twisting Trail of the Reptile Cult -  Additional unofficial material for the old 1e module N1 Against the Reptile Cult. PWYW and 20 pages.

SC3 Tales from the Dales - Bundle of 4 adventures from Starry Knight. $20

Q1-4 The Screaming Temple and Other Deaths -  4 short adventures for 1e. 56 pagse, $10

T0.5 Cursed Cairn of the Moathouse -  Unofficial supplement module for T1. 12 pages, $2

TM1 The Lost Caravan -  Originally from a 1e tournament in 1982, this has the PCs (5th to 7th level) looking after a treasure lost 50 years ago. 60 pages, $5

TM2 Storm over Skyreach - This one is from a 1989 con and also for 5th to 7th level characters who must storm missing wizard's keep. $4, 28 pages.

TM3 Raid on the Acaeum -  Two part adventure module run at a con in 2012, for 1E.  20 pages, $3.

TM4 Legacy of the Forbidden City - Unofficial sequel to the classic 1e module, for 5th to 7th level characters. $4, 44 pages.

TM6 Felhorde - Another tournament module that seems to take the plot from an old JG module. Basically the PCs (3rd and 4th level) must recover a dragon's hoard or be eaten. 24 pages, $3

V1 The Vampire's Curse -  1e/OSRIC adventure for 3rd to 5th level characters that apparently does not actually involve a vampire. $4, 32 pages.

V5 Palace of the Vampire Queen: Castle Blood - What it sounds like, but for 1st level characters. $4, 20 pages

V6 Palace of the Vampire Queen: Crypts of the Living - .  $4, 20 pages.

V11 Dwarven Glory: Curse of the Violators - Expansion for the original module by Wee Warriors. $4, 28 pages.

V12 Dwarven Glory: Thunder in the Deep - Like above. $4, 24 pages.

White Box Quests - Moans of Dead -  Strange sounds of moaning are coming from the woods. 1st level adventure. $2, 14 pages.


Artifacts of the Wastelands -  Gizmos for Mutant Future.  $1.99, 16 pages.

Mutant Future Bundle -  Bunch of books from Skirmisher Publishing, presumably including the above. $14.99

Oldskull Plague Doctors - New class. Curiously, there's a Plague Doctor class in a recent CRPG I've been playing, Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark.  $2.99, 51 pages.

RPPP Misc Medieval Authentic Spells -  10 pages, $2.99

Sepentine Oldskull Serpent Folk - Adding serpent people to OSR games, 41 pages, $2.99


Nod 35 - John Stater's zine continues with lots of stuff for his games, some new monsters, and a dungeon adventure. $3.99 and 123 pages.

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