Friday, May 24, 2019

New OSR Products at DTRPG — May 23rd, 2019

Almost made it to June without turning on my AC. Not bad.

Somewhat notable is an attempt to make a B/X version of 5e. I don't like 5e much, but might be worth a look if you do


Tegel Manor - Judges Map -  Okay, not from TSR, but still an official product. $2 for a map of the infamous manor.


Dungeon Full of Monsters, 2nd Edition -  Although aware of the original version of this, I have never heard anyone talk about it, anywhere. It's a large megadungeon for Labyrinth Lord, from Red Box Vancouver who has put out some decent stuff. But at $20, I'll keep wondering about it. 198 pages.

The Dachshund Dungeon - I don't even know where to begin. 8 pages, PWYW

The Idola of Bala -  Actually only Idol, but it's a funny typo so I will leave it. Short, 2-3 level adventure for Odysseys & Overlords. $1, 11 pages

Vigilante City:  Die Demogorgon Die -  Very small, 2 page adventure for the OSR superhero game. $2. That's almost as expensive as Frog God products on a per page level


Kuf -  Seems like an OSR version of Kult. (As an actual Gnostic, which I stumbled into  in my college days, I find games based on it very puzzling. I wonder if there are any games based on Hare Krishnaism? Jews for Jesus?)

The Marshal - ? New class, I guess military, not law enforcement. 1 page, PWYW


Friday Enhanced Map 5-17-19 -  Looks like an underground chapel. $1

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