Friday, December 21, 2018

New OSR Product at DTRPG — December 20th, 2018

Ho Ho Ho! Almost Christmas, which in retail means time to put out the Valentine's Day stuff and put the Christmas stuff on clearance (and people will be banging on the doors on the 26th wanting to buy the discounted stuff..).



Claws of the Yule - Very short (2 pages) holiday themed adventure. 75 cents.


Advanced Labyrinth Lord -  The PDF of the combined edition, which if $9.99. If you want the hardback, you can pick the Orcus Cover or the  the Gorgo Cover (apparently actually a dragon) which go for $50 each.

Oldskull Half-Ogres -  Half Ogres are so passe. Half-Giants, now that's the choice of the true power gamer*. But if you feel different, here you go. $1.99 and 38 pages.

The Winter Witch for Swords & Wizardry -  New variant of the witch from the witch guy. 74 pages, $2.99


Back to BasiX Issue 7 -  Did this come out last week? Or am I losing my mind. At any rate, it's a nice B/X zine and has an interview (and some previously unpublished artwork) by Erol Otus.  $2, 22 pages.

Friday Enhanced Map 12-21-18 - Tim Hartin jumped the gun on Friday by a few hours with this nice outdoor map of what looks like a very small keep. $1

Friday Enhanced Map 12-14-18 -  Very neat little dungeon that includes a small chasm. $1

Mutant Wasteland Holiday Adventures Bundle - Bundle of all 3 Spes Magna Mutant Future products. $2.25, half off normal price.

* I had a Half-Frost Giant Cleric of Freya in my last game, so trust me on this.

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  1. I put this free (OSR) procedural adventure on Driverhru about a week ago. It’s about exploring a giant insect colony: