Friday, December 14, 2018

New OSR Products at DTRPG — December 13th, 2018

Strange week of releases. Many, many, many 'zines and assorted other stuff, and no actual adventures, more like mini-settings.


GW1 Legion of Gold -  Gamma World adventure by Gary Gygax with Luke Gygax and Paul Reiche III (of Archon fame). $4.99 pdf, 38 pages, with print version now available for $11.99

GW2 Famine in Far-Go - Written by someone I've heard of, Michael Price, but also for GW. $4.99 pdf, 38 pages, with print version now available for $11.99

The Polyhedron Volume 3 #1 Issue 10 -  The old house zine. 99 cents, 32 pages.

The Polyhedron Volume 3 #2 Issue 11 - Ditto.


Boarswood -  Mini-adventure setting for LotFP, a fictional 15th century Barony. 23 pages, $3.50

Hexplore: Borderlands -   Hex crawl it seems, but without any stats (aka system neutral. $4.99 for a whopping 16 pages, so I will be passing.


Foe Folio for B/X Essentials - 29 critters over 22 pages for B/X. $2.99 

RPPP #58: Expanded Prior History Tables -  Medieval Authentic birth tables or something. Presumably you roll a d10000 and if it's 1 to 9999 you're a peasant. 22 pages, $2.99


Castle Oldskull - Oldskull Dragons -  Like a  Rogues Gallery of dragons, I guess. $2.99 and 115 pages (though likely only 30 pages of content)

Conspiracy Theories Issue 2: Frostbitten -  From the publisher of Dark Places & Demogorgons comes this zine for their games. $2.99 and 26 pages.

Echoes from Fomalhaut #3 -  3rd issue of Gabor Lux's excellent 'zine. 48 pages, $6

Fast Locations: Old School Temples and etc Geomorphs -  What it says. PWYW

Friday Enhanced Map 12-7-18 - Oooh, this is a creepy looking cultist lair or something similarly sinister and spooky. Tim Hartin's ability to produce original and varied maps never ceases to amaze me. $1

Hydra #7 -  I forget if this was Norwegian, Swedish, or Finnish. Or maybe Danish? It's a OSR zine in one of those languages.  $2.49, 103 pages.

Old School Holiday Adventures Bundle - Basically everything OSR done by Spes Magna Games, which includes a few adventures, a couple of monster books, maps, rules supplements, and a mariachi class. $11 for a lot of stuff, basically half off

Random Encounters Map Collection Volume One - Issues One, Two, Three, and Four - Seems to be a collection of maps and descriptions for dungeons. PWYW.

SCA Cavalier Attitude 4.2:   Confusingly, this is the sixth issue of the zine from Starry Knight. $1.50, 14 pages and includes a story and adventure.

Tome of Tomes Volume Seven - List of books that could be found on a shelf. 19 pages, $3

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