Thursday, December 27, 2018

New OSR Products at DTRPG — December 27th, 2018

A couple of post apocalyptic books from Lone Wolf creator Joe Devers are out, Highway Holocaust and Slaughter Mountain Run, revised from their original editions. At $9.99 they are too much for my blood, but at least are very length books (200+ pages)


How Orcus Stole Christmas -  Presumably by charging $7.99 for 23 page adventures like this. Might not suck though, unlike most FGG stuff, since it's by James Spahn of Barrel Rider Games. Gotta have that 400% Frog God markup, though.

The City that Dripped Blood - Perhaps because they kept getting squeezed with prices like this? Another 23 pages, $7.99 adventure from Cash Grab Games.

The Sepulcher of the Burning King -  The Northlands setting from Rosethorne Publishing continues to be fleshed out with adventures, this one for 7th to 9th level S&W characters. $1.99 and 20 pages.


Examples of the Dark Arts Vol 4 -  LotFP supplement for summoned she-demons. $1.75, 16 pages.

North Pole -  New classes and such for a Santa Clausean adventure. $3, 23 pages

In the Light of the Ghost Star -  This is one of the things I hate about modern gaming. Take a neat idea (in this case, exploring Earth in the far future after the Sun has expanded to a Red Giant and shrunk down to a White Dwarf) and just write a sketch of rules and setting. 14 pages, PWYW.

RPPP#60 - Medieval Authentic Enchantment Magic -  10 pages, $2.99

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